2nd October 2019


What are the three basic types of currents?

There are two type of Ocean Currents:
  • Surface Currents--Surface Circulation.
  • Deep Water Currents--Thermohaline Circulation.
  • Primary Forces--start the water moving.
  • The primary forces are:
  • Secondary Forces--influence where the currents flow.
  • Solar heating cause water to expand.

In this regard, what is the type of current?

There're two types of current, defined based on the directions of the movement of the electrons. An electric current is called a direct current (d.c.) if electrons always flows in one direction. An electric caused by a chemical cell or a battery is a direct current.

What are the two main types of electricity?

There are two types of Electricity, Static Electricity and Current Electricity. Static Electricity is made by rubbing together two or more objects and making friction while Current electricity is the flow of electric charge across an electrical field.
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