4th December 2019


What are the steps in the composting process?

7 Easy Steps to Composting
  • Choose Your Type of Backyard Compost Bin. You can use either an open pile or a compost bin.
  • Choose Your Composter Location.
  • Alternate Layers.
  • Add Kitchen and Yard Waste as They Accumulate.
  • Continue to Add Layers Until Your Bin is Full.
  • Maintain Your Compost Bin.
  • Harvest Your Compost.

What do I add to compost to help break it down?

Get the rich organic nutrients of compost onto your garden faster by helping your compost pile decompose more quickly. A compost pile's bacteria and other microorganisms generate heat when they digest organic material - kitchen scraps, yard litter - and turn it into nutritious, dark, crumbly compost.

How often do you need to turn compost?

That being said, a good rule of thumb is to turn a compost tumbler every three to four days and the compost pile every three to seven days. As your compost matures, you can turn the tumbler or pile less frequently.
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