3rd October 2019


What are the primary and secondary centers of ossification?

There are two types of ossification centersprimary and secondary. A primary ossification center is the first area of a bone to start ossifying. It usually appears during prenatal development in the central part of each developing bone. In long bones, the secondary centres appear in the epiphyses.

Accordingly, what is ossification and when does it begin?

Bone formation, also called ossification, process by which new bone is produced. Ossification begins about the third month of fetal life in humans and is completed by late adolescence. The cartilage cells die out and are replaced by osteoblasts clustered in ossification centres.

Where does ossification occur in the bone?

As the primary center of ossification, the diaphysis of the long bone is the first to form spongy bone tissue along the cartilage, followed by the epiphyses, which form the secondary centers of ossification and are separated from the diaphysis by a layer of uncalcified cartilage called the epiphyseal plate, where all
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