11th December 2019


What are the most important frequencies for speech sounds?

The most important sounds we hear every day are in the 250 to 6,000 Hz range. Speech includes a mix of low and high frequency sounds: Vowel sounds like a short “o” as in the word “hot,” have low frequencies (250 to 1,000 Hz) and are usually easier to hear.

Also know, what EQ frequency is vocals?

EQ Frequency breakdown (2/2)
3-7kHzThis is the area where vocal sibilance resides. Boost slightly to add sense of "volume" It also adds a harshness that is particularly fatiguing. Add warmth without loss of clarity by attenuating this region a bit
4kHzBoost vocal here for presence

What sampling rate frequency is used for CD quality sound?

44.1 kHz (44100 Hz) is the sampling rate of audio CDs giving a 20 kHz maximum frequency. 20 kHz is the highest frequency generally audible by humans, so making 44.1 kHz the logical choice for most audio material.
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