28th November 2019


What are the most common injuries in the NBA?

Professional athletes in the NBA experience a high rate of game-related injuries. Patellofemoral inflammation is the most significant problem in terms of days lost in competition, whereas ankle sprains are the most common injury. True ligamentous injuries of the knee were surprisingly rare.

What are the risks of playing basketball?

Basketball injuries
  • Injuries to the lower body, mostly ankle sprains.
  • Injuries to the hand, fingers, head, face and teeth.
  • Knee injuries – females are at higher risk of knee injury than males.
  • Overuse injuries – are most common in higher level players due to the duration and intensity of play.

How do ankle injuries occur in basketball?

Ankle Sprains. Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in basketball. Basketball players can sprain an ankle if the foot twists or rolls beyond its normal range of motion, stretching the ligaments. An ankle sprain can damage the fibers of the ligament and even cause it to tear partially or completely.
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