21st November 2019


What are the main sources of radiation exposure?

Natural sources of background radiation include:
  • Cosmic rays - radiation that reaches the Earth from space.
  • Rocks and soil - some rocks are radioactive and give off radioactive radon gas.
  • Living things - plants absorb radioactive materials from the soil and these pass up the food chain.

What are three sources of natural radiation?

Terrestrial Radiation. The Earth itself is a source of terrestrial radiation. Radioactive materials (including uranium, thorium, and radium) exist naturally in soil and rock. Essentially all air contains radon , which is responsible for most of the dose that Americans receive each year from natural background sources.

Where does the most natural radiation come from?

Everyone is exposed to some amount of background radiation. This exposure primarily comes from cosmic rays, radioactive material in the earth (such as uranium-238), ingestion of naturally occurring radionuclides in food (such as potassium- 40), and inhalation of radon gas.
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