2nd October 2019


What are the main parts of a laser?

A laser is constructed from three principal parts:
  • An energy source (usually referred to as the pump or pump source),
  • A gain medium or laser medium, and.
  • Two or more mirrors that form an optical resonator.

So, what is meant by lasing action?

In semiconductor lasers, both mirrors often transmit a beam, the second one being used for monitoring purposes. Laser Action. The combination of spontaneous emission first, and then stimulated emission, causes the laser to "lase," which means it generates a coherent beam of light at a single frequency.

What is threshold condition for lasing?

The lasing threshold is the lowest excitation level at which a laser's output is dominated by stimulated emission rather than by spontaneous emission. Below the threshold, the laser's output power rises slowly with increasing excitation.
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