25th November 2019


What are the main causes of an avoidable idle time in production distribution?

This unproductive time is unnecessary in the process and often covers an extended period of time. Abnormal, extended unproductive time may be caused by factors such as a workers' strike or lockout, avoidable machine breakdowns, unavailability of raw materials and supplies, extended power failure, etc.

Also asked, what is the meaning of idle time?

What is 'Idle Time' Idle time is unproductive time on the part of employees or machines caused by management or as a result of factors beyond their control. Idle time is the time associated with waiting, or when a piece of machinery is not being used but could be.

What is Labour idle time?

The difference between the number of hours budgeted for work and the number of paid hours not spent working (idle time). For example, if employees of a company were budgeted to make products for 8,000 hours, but only did work for 7,800 hours, then 200 hours were spent in idle time.

Is idle time direct or indirect?

Overtime premium is the amount that is paid, for the overtime worked, in excess of the normal wage rate. Like idle time, overtime premium is also treated as indirect labor cost and included in manufacturing overhead cost. For example, a worker normally works for 48 hours per week @ $8 per hour.
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