18th November 2019


What are the ecological services?

Examples of ecological services include purification of air and water, maintenance of biodiversity, decomposition of wastes, soil and vegetation generation and renewal, pollination of crops and natural vegetation, groundwater recharge through wetlands, seed dispersal, greenhouse gas mitigation, and aesthetically

Regarding this, what are five ecosystem services?

Ecological services include:
  • Purification of air and water.
  • Mitigation of floods and droughts.
  • Detoxification and decomposition of wastes.
  • Generation and renewal of soil and natural vegetation.
  • Pollination of crops and natural vegetation.
  • Control of the vast majority of potential agricultural pests.

What are two examples of ecosystem services?

According to TEEB, ecosystem services can be categorized in four main types: Regulating services are defined as the benefits obtained from the regulation of ecosystem processes such as climate regulation, natural hazard regulation, water purification and waste management, pollination or pest control.

What are some examples of the ecosystem services provided by biodiversity?

Ecosystem services can be:
  • Supporting (e.g. soil formation, nutrient cycling, primary production)
  • Provisioning (e.g. food, fresh water, fuelwood, fiber, biochemicals, genetic resources)
  • Regulating (e.g. climate regulation, disease regulation, water regulation, water purification, pollination)
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