2nd October 2019


What are the different types of monitoring?

There are several types of monitoring in M&E and they include process monitoring, technical monitoring, assumption monitoring, financial monitoring and impact monitoring.
  • Process monitoring/ physical progress monitoring.
  • Technical monitoring.
  • Assumption monitoring.
  • Financial Monitoring.
  • Impact Monitoring.
  • References.

Then, what is the monitoring?

Monitoring is the regular observation and recording of activities taking place in a project or programme. It is a process of routinely gathering information on all aspects of the project. To monitor is to check on how project activities are progressing. It is observation; ─ systematic and purposeful observation.

What is the monitoring plan?

A Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan is a guide as to what you should evaluate, what information you need, and who you are evaluating for. An evaluation plan should ideally be done at the planning stage of a project, before you commence implementation.

What is business process monitoring?

Business process monitoring is often associated with business process visibility, working with business activity monitoring to help managers gain insight into important transactions and processes within an enterprise.
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