28th October 2019


What are the best exercises for each muscle group?

The Scientific Best Exercises For Each Muscle Group
  • Chest. Barbell Bench Press. Not shockingly, the barbell bench press came in at number 1.
  • Triceps. Triangle Pushups (Beat out Dips and Kickbacks)
  • Bicep. Scott/Preacher Curl.
  • Lats. Weighted Pull-Ups.
  • Traps. Barbell Shrug.
  • Shoulders. Seated Military Press.
  • Abs. Bicycle Maneuver/Crunch.
  • Oblique. Captain's Chair.

People also ask, is it OK to work the same muscle group everyday?

Repeating the same exercise or exercises every single day also opens the door to injury. Doing 100 reps of Curls every day is a bad idea, not only because your muscle fibers won't recover and get bigger, but also because you leave yourself extremely susceptible to injury.
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