2nd October 2019


What are the basic components of a reflex?

There are two types of reflex arcs:the autonomic reflex arc, affecting inner organs, and the somatic reflex arc, affecting muscles. When a reflex arc consists of only two neurons, one sensory neuron, and one motor neuron, it is defined as monosynaptic. Monosynaptic refers to the presence of a single chemical synapse.

What are the essential components of a reflex arc?

Reflex arcs have five essential components:
  • The receptor at the end of a sensory neuron reacts to a stimulus.
  • The sensory neuron conducts nerve impulses along an afferent pathway towards the CNS.
  • The integration center consists of one or more synapses in the CNS.

What makes up a reflex arc?

A motor neuron carries the message from the central nervous system to the effector. In a knee-jerk reflex arc the sensory neuron directly connects to the motor neuron in the spinal cord. This is called a simple reflex arc. from the spindle (receptor) to where it connects with the motor neuron in the spinal cord.
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