2nd October 2019


What are the adaptations of a kit fox?

One is that they don't need to drink water beacause their prey provides enough liquid for them to survive. Its other adaptations have to do with the external body of the fox. The foxes' large ears cool down the fox a provide really good hearing. Their fur changes color in different seasons for camouflage.

Furthermore, what does a kit fox eat in the desert?

Diet. Kit foxes primarily eat rodents and other small animals, including black-tailed hares, desert cottontails, mice, kangaroo rats, squirrels, birds and lizards. Kit foxes do not need to drink water since their prey provides enough liquid for them to survive.

Are kit foxes nocturnal?

Kit foxes are relatively inactive during hot desert days, remaining in their dens. They are primarily nocturnal but occasionally are crepuscular as well. Kit foxes are not exceptionally territorial, preferring to live in underground burrows in pairs or small family groups.
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