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What are the achievements of the Mauryan empire?

The Mauryan Empire ruled the Indian subcontinent from 322 to 185 B.C. Much of its early history was taken up by conquest. Some of major accomplished they had, in comparison to its previous dynasty they overthrew : The empire had a huge standing army of cavalry, infantry and war elephants.

What was the Chandragupta Maurya's greatest accomplishment?

Out of four uniting Aryan Kingdom to Maurya Empire was the most important accomplishment by Chndragupta, he did support religious freedom. However he is more well-known for the empire. He did not determine the number of days in a year nor did he write Bhagavad Gita.

What were some of the achievements of the Gupta empire?

Transcript of 7 achievements of the Gupta empire
  • 7 achievements of the Gupta empire. By: Jackson Hall. Universities.
  • literature.
  • painting.
  • sculpture.
  • metalwork.
  • mathematics.
  • roads. Hindu provided the upper class with religious training.
  • They created the decimal system. They were the first to call zero a number.
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