25th November 2019


What are the 6 types of SAE's?

To further define the types of SAE programs available to and appropriate for students of school-based agricultural education, refer to the following examples:
  • Ownership/Entrepreneurship.
  • Placement/Internship.
  • Research.
  • Exploratory.
  • School-Based Enterprise.
  • Service-Learning.

Then, what is an SAE in agriculture?

A SAE program is the hands-on application of concepts and principles learned in the classroom. Students are supervised by agricultural education teachers in cooperation with parents, employers and other adults who assist them in the development and achievement of their educational and career goals.

What is the purpose of a SAE?

Explore SAE is an online resource for agriculture students and teachers alike. Our vision is to (1) Provide quality exploration tools for agriculture students engaged in outside-of-class, real-world environment experiential learning opportunities, otherwise known as Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE).

What is an analytical SAE?

? Students are given an opportunity to fulfill supervised agricultural experience. requirements through a variety of SAE types (entrepreneurship, placement, exploratory, research / experimental, analytical). ? A business agreement/education plan, signed by the appropriate parties, is kept on file for each student.
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