2nd October 2019


What are the 5 surfaces of the anterior teeth?

In all, there are five surfaces of the tooth where a filling can be placed: the distal, occlusal, buccal, mesial, and lingual/palatal surfaces. Additionally, teeth are segmented into two major categories: anterior, and posterior.

Regarding this, what is a dental fossa?

Definition. A shallow depression found approximately in the middle of the occlusal surface of a molar, bordered by the cusp ridges and the occlusal perimeter. Sometimes used to describe the linguo-middle fossa of a lower second bicuspid.

What is the buccal surface of a tooth?

The side of a tooth adjacent to (or the direction towards) the oral cavity, as opposed to buccal, labial or vestibular, which refer to the side of a tooth adjacent to (or the direction towards) the inside of the cheek, lips or vestibule respectively. This term is an umbrella term for both the term palatal and lingual.

Which teeth have a transverse ridge?

Transverse ridges are formed by the union of two triangular ridges on posterior teeth. The joining of buccal and lingual triangular ridges is usually named as an example. The oblique ridge is found on the occlusal surfaces of maxillary molars.
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