26th November 2019


What are the 5 steps in operations security?

As stated above, the five steps of the OPSEC process are:
  • Identification of Critical Information.
  • Analysis of Threats.
  • Analysis of Vulnerabilities.
  • Assessment of Risks.
  • Application of Appropriate Countermeasures.

What is the purpose of opsec in the work place?

The purpose of OPSEC in the workplace is to reduce the vulnerability of Air Force missions from an adversary's threat of exploitation. Critical information includes specific facts about friendly intentions, capabilities, and activities needed by adversaries for them to plan and act effectively.

What is the opsec process?

The OPSEC Process. OPSEC is a five step, iterative process designed to that assists an organization in identifying information requiring protection, determining the methods that may be employed to compromise that information, and establishing effective countermeasures to protect it.
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