2nd October 2019


What are the 10 most common food allergies?

Here are the eight most common food allergies.
  • Cow's Milk. An allergy to cow's milk is most often seen in babies and young children, especially when they have been exposed to cow's milk protein before they are six months old (5, 6).
  • Eggs.
  • Tree Nuts.
  • Peanuts.
  • Shellfish.
  • Wheat.
  • Soy.
  • Fish.

Similarly, it is asked, what are the most common symptoms of a food intolerance?

The symptoms of mild to moderate food allergy include:
  • itching, burning and swelling around the mouth.
  • swelling of face or eyes.
  • runny nose.
  • skin rash (eczema)
  • hives (urticaria – skin becomes red and raised)
  • diarrhoea, abdominal cramps.
  • breathing difficulties, including wheezing and asthma.
  • vomiting, nausea.

What is a food intolerance?

Food intolerance is a detrimental reaction, often delayed, to a food, beverage, food additive, or compound found in foods that produces symptoms in one or more body organs and systems, but generally refers to reactions other than food allergy.
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