2nd October 2019


What are simple molecules made up of?

The simple molecule made of carbon and nitrogen, known as cyanide, is deadly to life. Simple molecules may not have complex structures, but they are the building blocks for intricate living systems. For example, the simple molecule methane is formed of four hydrogen atoms bonded to a carbon atom.

Also know, is iodine simple molecular structure?

Iodine can form one bond and therefore exist as diatomic molecules with strong intra molecular forces such as covalent bonds but week intramolecular forces between the molecules (van de Waals), carbon on the other in which each carbon atom forms four bonds creates a network of strong covalent bonds extending throughout

What is a giant molecular structure?

Giant covalent structures contain a lot of non-metal atoms, each joined to adjacent atoms by covalent bonds. The atoms are usually arranged into giant regular lattices - extremely strong structures because of the many bonds involved.

What are the molecular substances?

Definition of Molecular Substances. It's a molecular substance, which is a substance with two or more atoms, the smallest units of matter, joined together by a covalent bond. A covalent bond is the link created through the sharing of electrons that holds these atoms together.
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