4th October 2019


What are examples of living organisms?

Thus, a living thing refers to any organism or form that has life. Life is characterized by exhibiting biological processes, e.g. mitosis, reproduction, assimilation, homeostasis, signaling, apoptosis, etc. Examples of living things include the bacteria, protozoa, plants, fungi, animals, humans, etc.

Considering this, what is the meaning of individual in science?

(2) A single, separate organism (animal or plant) distinguished from others of a same kind. adjective. (1) Of, relating to, or being an individual, e.g. pertaining to a single person, animal or thing as opposed to more than one within a unity (or a collection). (2) By a single person, organism, or thing.

What it means to be an organism?

Science Dictionary:Organism. Organism: is an individual living thing, such as a plant, animal, bacterium, protest, or fungus. An organism has a body made up of smaller parts that work together. For example, marine organisms live in the ocean. Marine means of or about the sea or ocean.
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