4th December 2019


Is Ymail com a valid email address?

Ymail is not an email address. No, "ymail" is not a valid email address, at least not one for transmission over the Internet, because it is not composed of a local-part, an at sign "@", and a domain name. It could be a valid email address inside a closed mail system, for example, inside a single company.

How do I check my yahoo mail storage?

You can find out how much storage you're using and what percentage is left.
  1. Mouse over the Settings menu icon. | select Settings.
  2. Click Accounts.
  3. Next to "1TB of storage" is the percent of storage used.

How much storage do you get with Yahoo mail?

First of all, Yahoo is bumping the storage limit for Mail to 1TB for all users. That should provide around 500k-1M attachments and '6,000 years' of inbox for the average user, says Yahoo. All of the features that were previously a part of Yahoo's 'Mail Plus' product are also now free for all users.
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