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Is there egg in noodles?

The noodles are made from various flours, such as wheat flour, rice flour, potato flour, soybean flour, and mung bean flour. Some Asian noodles are made with eggs but many do not contain any eggs. Many are available fresh and dried but some are only found in Asian markets.

Keeping this in consideration, is dry pasta made with eggs?

Dried pasta is made with flour and water, while fresh pasta is made from flour and eggs. You'll find fresh pasta in the refrigerated section of the supermarket as it has a much shorter shelf life than dried pasta.

Do all pasta have egg?

Most whole-wheat pasta contains whole-wheat flour, water, vitamin and mineral supplements, and may or may not contain oil and semolina flour. Whole-wheat egg noodles contain whole-wheat flour and eggs. Many homemade whole-wheat noodle or pasta recipes do use eggs.

What are the ingredients in dried pasta?

The ingredients to make dried pasta usually include water and semolina flour; egg for colour and richness (in some types of pasta), and possibly vegetable juice (such as spinach, beet, tomato, carrot), herbs or spices for colour and flavour.
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