12th October 2018


Is there an app for Craigslist?

The Best Craigslist App for iPhone. While there used to be dozens of options, Craigslist apps aren't nearly as rampant as they used to be. Still, you have some good ones to choose from. If you use the service a lot, our pick is CPlus.

Besides, how do you set up a Craigslist account?

  1. Visit the Craigslist website at www.craigslist.org/about/sites.
  2. Click directly on the link for your country or city to proceed to the correct account sign-up screen.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link for "Sign up for an account" in the left-hand corner.

Is it free to make a Craigslist account?

Such anonymous posting is convenient for people who do not use Craigslist often. However, owning a registered account has a number of privileges and posting ads is easier, including the ability to prepay ads and re-post expired listings. If you frequently advertise on the site, register for a free account.

How do I put items on Craigslist?

Selling Items on Craigslist
  • Go to Craigslist.org.
  • Choose the state where you live.
  • Click on the post to classifieds button.
  • Click the for sale button, will bring you to another category page.
  • Enter the posting information.
  • Submit pictures of what you're selling.
  • Check your listing for accuracy.
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