18th November 2019


Is the uniform distribution discrete or continuous?

A random variable has a uniform distribution when each value of the random variable is equally likely, and values are uniformly distributed throughout some interval. Uniform distributions can be discrete or continuous, but in this section we consider only the discrete case.

Accordingly, what is the mean of uniform distribution?

DEFINITION of 'Uniform Distribution' In statistics, a type of probability distribution in which all outcomes are equally likely. A deck of cards has a uniform distribution because the likelihood of drawing a heart, a club, a diamond or a spade is equally likely.

Is uniformly distributed the same as normally distributed?

Normal has a single most likely value, uniform has every allowable value equally likely. Uniform has a piecewise constant density, normal has a continuous bell shaped density. Normal distributions arise from the central limit theorem, uniforms do not.

What is the shape of a uniform distribution?

A continuous random variable has a uniform distribution if its values are spread evenly over the range of probabilities. The graph of a uniform distribution results in a rectangular shape.
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