30th June 2020


Is the UK economy strong?

The UK has the world's 5th largest GDP despite being the 80th largest country. Despite the disruption of Brexit, the UK had a robust gross domestic product of $2.64 trillion in 2017, according to the World Bank. The country continues to have the fifth largest GDP in the world, after the US, China, Japan, and Germany.

Also know, what is the UK's biggest industry?

What Are The Biggest Industries In The United Kingdom?
  • Agriculture. In the UK, agriculture occupies about 25% of the country's total land area and accounts for 1.5% of the country's labor force that is equivalent to 476,000 people while contributing about 0.62% of the country's GDP.
  • Construction Industry.
  • Tourism.

Is the UK the fifth largest economy?

The UK is the fifth largest economy in the world at present, with a GDP of $2.81 trillion, according to the International Monetary Fund, but only $20 billion larger than France and $120 billion bigger than India.

Is China a rich country?

China has the world's second-highest number of billionaires with total wealth of $996 billion. Of the world's 500 largest companies, 129 are headquartered in China. It has the world's largest foreign-exchange reserves worth $3.1 trillion.

Who has the best economy in the world?

If we look even closer, the top five countries in terms of nominal GDP -- the U.S., China, Japan, Germany and India -- contribute a whopping 55% to the world's GDP. The United States, the world's largest economy with a nominal GDP of $21.44 trillion, constitutes one-fourth of the world economy.
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