11th October 2018


Is the T in often supposed to be silent?

The Oxford Dictionary says: Usage When pronouncing often, some speakers sound the t, saying /ˈôft?n/; for others, it is silent, as in soften, fasten, listen. Either pronunciation is acceptable, although /ˈôf?n / is more common. "Often" is an example of spelling pronunciation.

In respect to this, is it caramel or caramel?

Generally, “caramel” is defined as a chewy, light-brown candy made from butter, sugar, and milk or cream. Caramel is the correct spelling if you're talking about food or colors. Carmel is a misspelling when used in those contexts, but it is a word that can be used as a name for people or places.

Is the L in salmon silent?

The spelling was later changed to be consistent with the Latin word for the fish, "salmo." Unfortunately, even though the spelling was changed, the French-influenced pronunciation without an L remained. Hence, the L in the English word "salmon" is silent.
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