Is the ESN number the same as the IMEI number?

ESNs, MEIDs, and IMEIs are all codes used by manufacturers and cellular carriers to uniquely identify each device. Each device will generally have one MEID, ESN, or IMEI. More information can be found through the Wikipedia links below: ESN (Electronic Serial Number)

How do I find the ESN number on my phone?

View Device ID (ESN / IMEI / MEID) - Samsung Galaxy S® 5
  1. From a Home screen, tap Apps (located in the lower right). These instructions apply to Standard mode only.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap About phone.
  4. Tap Status.
  5. View the IMEI.
  • How do I find my android device ID?

    1- Enter *#*#8255#*#* in your phone dialer, you'll be shown your device ID (as 'aid') in GTalk Service Monitor. 2- Another way to find the ID is by going to the Menu >Settings > About Phone > Status. The IMEI / IMSI / MEID should be present in the phone status setting.
  • How do I get my MEID number?

    On Android, go to your device's Settings (usually by dragging down from the top navigation menu and tapping the profile icon, then the Settings gear icon). From there, scroll down until you see About Phone (all the way at the bottom) and then tap it and tap ?Status. Scroll down to find your IMEI or MEID number.
  • What does it mean clean ESN?

    A clean/clear ESN means that that the device can be activated with the proper provider. A device with a bad ESN phone cannot since it has been flagged as stolen, payment due, lost, or for a variety of other reasons. Those phones may be good to get for parts since they are usually cheaper.

Where do you find the ESN number on a iPhone?

Tap the "Settings" app, select "General" and choose the "About" option. Check for your number in the ESN or IMEI fields. Some carriers also provide an additional ICCID number for the SIM card. The MEID number uses the first 14 digits of the IMEI number.
  • How do I get the IMEI number on my Iphone 7?

    Step 1 of 5
    1. From the home screen, select the Settings app.
    2. Select General.
    3. Select About.
    4. Scroll down to view the Serial Number, IMEI, and ICCID information. Note: You can also view your IMEI by entering *#06# from the keypad.
    5. Your IMEI is engraved on the back case, near the bottom.
  • Is the device ID the same as the serial number?

    Your MEID number is an identifier for your phone. No two devices have the same MEID number. The MEID is also called the ESN or serial number. Some phones may not have an MEID, they may instead have a IMEI number.
  • What is a mobile ad ID?

    Mobile advertising IDs are ways mobile app developers can identify who is using their mobile apps. Apple's Advertising Identifier (IDFA): An advertising ID that Apple provides as part of iOS in its ads framework. Android's Advertising ID: An advertising ID that Google provides as part of Android.

How do I find my mobile device number?

Every phone or Mobile Broadband device has a unique 15 digit code, called an IMEI number. You might need to find your IMEI number if you want to unlock your device to use with other networks, or for some insurance policies. You can find your IMEI in the following ways: by entering *#06# on your phone's call screen.
  • How can I check an IMEI number?

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    1. Dial *#06# to see the IMEI number on the screen. IMEI is a unique number assigned to your phone.
    2. Enter IMEI to the field above. Do not forget to pass a captcha test.
    3. Verify that the IMEI is CLEAN and the phone is not blacklisted. Now you can be sure whether the ESN is bad or clean.
  • What is my phone number android?

    Press your Settings icon, scroll down the list until you see "About Phone" and press it. Then you another list, press "Status" and you will see "My Phone number".
  • How do I find my IMEI number on my Iphone?

    Follow these steps:
    1. Open Settings.
    2. Tap General > About.
    3. Scroll down to locate the IMEI number.
    4. Tap and hold the IMEI number to bring up a Copy bubble.
    5. Tap Copy.

Updated: 24th September 2018

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