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Is the determiner?

Determiners are said to "mark" nouns. That is to say, you know a determiner will be followed by a noun. Some categories of determiners are limited (there are only three articles, a handful of possessive pronouns, etc.), but the possessive nouns are as limitless as nouns themselves.

Then, is immediately an adjective or adverb?

Immidiately is an adverb [of time], and just as the tag summary mentions, the position of an adverb often depends on the kind of adverb (manner, place, time, degree) and if the word being modified is a verb or an adjective.

What part of speech is the word immediately?

In that sentence, the word "need" is a noun, and the adjective "immediate" is describing the noun. If a word is describing a verb, it is going to be an adverb. The word "left" is a verb, so this means that "immediately" must be an adverb.

What does the right way mean?

What does RIGHT OF WAY mean? Right of way is a term used to describe "the legal right, established by usage or grant, to pass along a specific route through grounds or property belonging to another", or "a path or thoroughfare subject to such a right".
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