26th November 2019


Is the Arctic fox a secondary consumer?

A secondary consumer is an animal that eats primary consumers. They are all over the world but in the arctic there are arctic foxes, seals, penguins, and much more. Animals can be primary and secondary or secondary and tertiary consumers. For instance, birds can eat fish and seeds.

Likewise, people ask, do Arctic cod eat plankton?

they eat plankton, copepods amphipods, euphaisids , arrow worm, shrimp, as well as arctic cod. Narwhals, beluga whales and ringed seals feed on these fish. the food that eats an arctic cod would decrease and the prey the cod would eat would increase.

What are the producers of the tundra?

Arctic tundra moss and lichen. "Lichens dominate the tundra as the major primary producer. Many lichens can be covered with ice for up to three years and still remain alive. Lichens are a symbiotic relationship between two organisms – an alga and a fungus.

Is an Arctic cod a carnivore?

Adult cod are omnivorous carnivores, which means that they feed on any animal that they can engulf. Their menu includes bristle-worms, mussels, squids, crustaceans and fishes such as sand eel, Norway pout, capelin, sticklebacks, sprat and herring.
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