6th October 2019


Is tea alkaline or acidic?

Green Tea Is Alkaline. Luckily, green tea is alkaline in nature because it has a pH greater than 7.2. On the contrary, coffee and tea are usually acidic in nature, meaning more caffeine, which can be difficult to digest compared to green tea.

Can drinking tea give you gas?

In some cases, it is not the tea but the milk used in it that causes bloating. Some people may be lactose intolerance and that can cause bloating. Teas with artificial sweeteners, such as sorbitol or mannitol, may also cause gas which can lead to bloating.

Is tea as acidic as coffee?

Black and green tea is usually less acidic than coffee. One analysis found that coffee was less acidic than lemon tea and more acidic than black. Black tea was found to have a pH of 6.37, while coffee had a pH of 5.35. The acidity level for tea and coffee also depends on where you're getting it from.
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