7th December 2019


Is SiF4 a polar or nonpolar molecule?

Very much non-polar. while each Si-F bond is polar (polarized Si delta plus and F delta minus) the whole molecule is not polar as the tetrahedral arrangement of four Si-F cancel out the dipoles rendering the SiF4 of zero dipole.

Is sf4 a tetrahedral?

Draw the correct Lewis structure of SF4. It has one lone pair and four bonds around sulfur. you now have the geometry for SF4, which is a "seesaw," a truncated trigonal bipyramid. SF4 has the two axial fluorines bent slightly back toward the other two fluorine atoms.

What is the molecular and electronic geometry of sf4?

Sulfur tetrafluoride has 10 electrons around the central sulfur atom. This means there are five electron pairs arranged in an trigonal bipyramidal shape with 102° F-S-F bond angles between the equatorial fluorine atoms and 173° between the axial fluorine atoms.
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