Is quicksand a liquid or a solid?

The Oobleck mixture isn't your typical liquid—or solid. The cornstarch-and-water mixture creates a fluid that acts more like quicksand than water: applying force (squeezing or tapping it) causes it to become thicker. Share your Oobleck observations and results!

How do you get out of quicksand?

Part 2 Getting Out of Deep Quicksand
  1. Relax. Quicksand usually isn't more than a couple feet deep, but if you do happen to come across a particularly deep spot, you could very well sink quite quickly down to your waist or chest.
  2. Get on your back and "swim."
  3. Use a stick.
  4. Take frequent breaks.
  • Is a Jam a liquid?

    Jelly is different from jam as it is made from mostly juice instead of fruit. Jam is an interesting condiment because its neither a solid or a liquid. It can contain chunks of fruit which are solids, but if let out of the fridge the juicy part becomes a liquid.
  • Is cranberry juice on a clear liquid diet?

    Fruit juices without pulp, such as grape juice, filtered apple juice, and cranberry juice. Soup broth (bouillon or consommé) Clear sodas, such as ginger ale and Sprite. Gelatin (Jell-O)
  • What color jello can you have for a colonoscopy?

    Most colonoscopy testing facilities recommend only eating yellow or green gelatin. Red, orange, purple and sometimes blue gelatins are usually not permitted during the bowel preparation for a colonscopy as the food dye in these varieties may interfere with the test.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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