2nd October 2019


Is PU leather toxic?

Today's vegan leather is made using polyurethane (PU), and it is so much better than PVC. Unlike PVC, PU is completely breathable, so it totally avoids the issue of sweaty feet. What's more, it is far less toxic to produce than PVC. However, regular PU is not completely squeaky clean.

Are varnish fumes toxic?

The resins and solvents used in varnish are toxic if ingested. Many varnish products contain benzene, which is a known carcinogen that is highly flammable. The solvents in varnish are extremely pungent, and the fumes can cause drowsiness, headaches, skin irritation and dizziness.

What are the side effects of polyurethane?

Uncured polyurethane can cause breathing problems such as asthma. People who are in rooms that have uncured polyurethane floors can also experience health problems including eye and throat irritation, headaches, nausea, vomiting, coughing and shortness of breath.
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