2nd October 2019


Is pH 7.4 acid or base?

The pH of blood actually differs depending on how much carbon dioxide is in it. This is because carbon dioxide reacts with water to form carbonic acid. Arterial blood typically has a pH of 7.41, while venous blood has a pH of 7.36. Any pH greater than 7 is technically basic, but a pH around 7.4 is a very weak base.

Similarly, it is asked, what is the pH of an acid?

The scale has values ranging from zero (the most acidic) to 14 (the most basic). As you can see from the pH scale above, pure water has a pH value of 7. This value is considered neutral—neither acidic or basic. Normal, clean rain has a pH value of between 5.0 and 5.5, which is slightly acidic.
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