2nd October 2019


Is perlite the same as asbestos?

While breathing any type of fine dust is not good for your lungs, you don't have to worry about asbestos contamination with perlite. Perlite is a volcanic glass, and asbestos is a fibrous form of a mineral. They are not normally found together in nature.

Also question is, is perlite natural?

Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass that has a relatively high water content, typically formed by the hydration of obsidian. It occurs naturally and has the unusual property of greatly expanding when heated sufficiently.

Is perlite toxic?

Perlite is a naturally occurring silicous rock and as such, is not toxic. Perlite is used in horticultural, construction and industrial applications. Ingesting the products that incorporate perlite may cause illness and, in excessive amounts, permanent harm or death.

What is perlite for?

Harry is correct that perlite is a form of glass; specifically a volcanic glass that is mined and then heated in big ovens until it 'pops' into a round, white material that's used in seed-starting and potting mixtures to lighten the soil, allow more air around the roots of plants and to both help retain water and
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