2nd October 2019


Is Oxymercuration syn or anti?

Stereochemically, oxymercuration is an anti addition. With 1-methyl-4-t-butylcyclohexene, oxymercuration yields only one product – still anti addition across the double bond – where water only attacks the more substituted carbon.

Considering this, is Hydroboration oxidation syn or anti?

Hydroborationoxidation reaction. In organic chemistry, the hydroborationoxidation reaction is a two-step organic reaction that converts an alkene into a neutral alcohol by the net addition of water across the double bond. The hydrogen and hydroxyl group are added in a syn addition leading to cis stereochemistry.

Why is Hydroboration anti markovnikov?

It is because of this intermediate that hydroboration forms the anti-Markovnikov product. The boron atom is highly electrophilic because of its empty p orbital (ie. it wants electrons), and forms a slight bonding interaction with the pi bond.
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