2nd October 2019


Is no3 polar or non polar?

Explanation: I assume you mean NO3- (the nitrate anion); there is no NO3 molecule. It is non-polar because it has a trigonal planar structure and the symmetry means that there is an even distribution of electron charge density over the three N - O bonds.

Similarly, it is asked, is no3 a dipole?

In this case of NO3-, due to the three equivalent resonance structures (the same N-O bond) and trigonal planar geometry, all bond polarities are cancelled out. The net dipole moment is zero.

Is nitrite a polar molecule?

NO2 (or nitrogen dioxide) is neutral as a gas, but can easily become NO2- (nitrite ion) in solution, demonstrating its polar nature. The polarity comes from the bent geometry of the molecule caused by the extra lone electron pair on the nitrogen.

Is no3 covalent?

One pair of electrons being shared in a covalent bond. Name two differences between NO3-1 and NO3. NO3 is a ion and NO3 is the compound nitrogeon trioxide. One is a incomplete compound and the other can exist by itself.
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