26th November 2019


Is Nintendo losing money?

Nintendo Losing More Money Than Expected. For the most recent quarter ending in June, Nintendo showed a 5.1 billion yen ($49 million) loss. According to Reuters, analysts were predicting a 4 billion yen loss. During the same period last year, however, Nintendo netted a 1.15 billion yen profit, Reuters adds.

Correspondingly, how much money did Nintendo make in 2017?

Nintendo's comeback is starting to take hold as it forecasts a 121% profit surge this year. Nintendo is aiming for operating profit of 65 billion yen this fiscal year, which if realized, would represent a 121 percent rise from the 29.4 billion yen operating profit it reported for the year ended March 31, 2017.

What is Nintendo's revenue?

1.056 trillion JPY

How much does Xbox make a year?

Currently, we conservatively estimate Microsoft to be making at least $625 million in revenues a year from sales of virtual goods on Xbox Live.
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