18th November 2019


Is nh3 a polar or nonpolar molecule?

The Nitrogen atom is more electronegative and therefore the valence electrons are near them more often. This makes it more negative. The Hydrogen atoms at the bottom of the structure are then more positive. Therefore, NH3 is a polar molecule.

Furthermore, is bf3 a polar covalent molecule?

It is a non polar molecule. In BF3 molecule, all B-F bond are 120 degree. Since, resultant of three vectors of equal magnitude at 120 degree angle is zero. The three bonds are indeed polar due to the relative difference between Boron and three Fluorine atoms.

Is if3 polar or nonpolar molecule?

BeH2: Linear nonpolar; Be-H dipoles are equal and point in opposite directions. They cancel each other. BeH2 is nonpolar. SO2: V-shaped, polar; The S-O bond dipoles do not cancel, so SO2 is polar (has a dipole moment).

Why are molecules of nf3 polar but bf3 is not?

Whereas NF3 is sp3 hybridised , but due to presence of lone pair of electron , it's shape is Trigonal pyramidal geometry . And hence it , possess net dipole moment , and hence it is polar molecule .
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