17th October 2019


Is moss on the roof a problem?

Homeowners may think moss on roofs is innocuous, just a cosmetic problem or even pretty. Yet leaving it in place can damage the roof and even have disastrous consequences. Moss is different from algae, lichen or mold fungi, which are typically easier to clean and less damaging to a roof.

Is it bad to have moss growing on your roof?

The plain and simple answer is yes. Moss can severely damage the structural integrity of any type roof. However, moss growing on your roof top is not considered lovely and should be deemed as a nemesis to your roof. Moss commonly thrives in environments that are damp and shaded.

Why does moss grow on the roof?

Moss thrives in a damp, shady environment. For this reason it often occurs on the north side of a roof—since it receives the least amount of sun—or under overhanging trees that provide shade. Over time it can cause roofing to degrade.
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