2nd November 2019


Is methanol a strong or weak nucleophile?

So comparing several deprotonated alcohols, in the sequence methanol – ethanol – isopropanol – t-butanol, deprotonated methanol (“methoxide”) is the strongest nucleophile, and deprotonated t-butanol (“t-butoxide”) is the poorest (or “weakest”) nucleophile.

In this manner, is iodide a strong or weak nucleophile?

The relative lack of basicity of the iodide anion in water is precisely what makes it a good nucleophile. I- is a strong nucleophile because it is polarizable, making it faster for its orbitals to overlap with the electrophile. Remember that basicity is a thermodynamic concept and nucleophilicity is a kinetic concept.

Is Nai a good Nucleophile?

2--bromopentane is secondary: a) NaOEt is a strong nucleophile and strong base. Therefore, we expect SN2 with a possible minor E2 b) NaI is a strong nucleophile and weak base. DMSO is a polar aprotic solvent. The substrate is secondary.

Is water a strong or weak nucleophile?

Water: The oxygen atom of water has two lone pairs and a d- charge (oxygen is more electronegative than hydrogen). This suggests that water can behave an a nucleophile. Each hydrogen atom bears a d+ charge, so the molecule can behave as an electrophile as well. Many molecules can be both nucleophiles and electrophiles.
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