Is kwon a Chinese name?


Updated: 6th December 2019

Korean (Kwon): there is only Chinese character for the Kwon surname. Some sources list as many as 56 clans, but only two are documented. The new king bestowed upon Kim Shin a new surname: Kwon, meaning 'authority'. The Andong Kwon clan has one of the oldest extant printed genealogies in Korea.

Furthermore, is Chung a Korean or Chinese name?

Chung is a surname whose bearers are generally people of Chinese or Korean descent. It is also a Vietnamese surname worn by people of Chinese descent but is very rare in Vietnam; the surname is known as Zhong (trad/simp: ?/?) in Mandarin Chinese, Jung (?) in Korean, and exactly Chung in Vietnam.

What does the name Kwan mean?

The name Kwan is a baby boy name. The name Kwan comes from the Korean origin. In Korean the meaning of the name Kwan is: One who is strong.

What is Kwan in Korean?

Kwan (Hanja: ?; Hangul: ?) in Korean literally means building or hall, but when used in martial arts it can also refer to a school or clan of martial artists who follow the same style and/or leader.
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