26th November 2019


Is King Kong a Kaiju?

The title indicates it's a movie about a giant ape showing up in Japan during its medieval period - samurai versus King Kong! If King Kong Appears In Edo is a real film, it's a milestone. It's Japan's first giant monster movie. King Kong, it turns out, is actually the original Kaiju.

Keeping this in consideration, how big is King Kong from Skull Island?

Kong's looking good these days — he's 100 feet tall now! — and he carries most of Skull Island's humanity.

How tall is Godzilla supposed to be?

I made this video to show to scale the height of new Godzilla compared to the original 1954 Godzilla. New Godzilla is 350 feet. Original Godzilla was 164 feet. A 10 story building is approximately 100 feet.

How much food would it take to feed King Kong?

Since an average adult male gorilla eats approximately 50 pounds of food daily--about one-eighth of its body weight--we can guess that Kong would need at least 7,500 pounds of food per day.
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