4th December 2019


Is it safe to pour bleach down the drain?

Bleach is a powerful, toxic substance that should be used carefully and properly, and pouring it down a drain is not a proper use. Bleach can react with other substances in your pipes, potentially release fumes, and further plug up the system. Pouring bleach down them will do much more harm than good.

So, is it safe to put bleach in a stainless steel sink?

However it can be damaged by certain harsh chemicals. To clean the sink, only use chemicals that are listed as safe for cleaning stainless steel. Household bleach can be very damaging to stainless steel. If you pour bleach in the sink, make sure to rinse off with water right away.

Is it safe to use bleach in the kitchen?

3. Bleach can be used in the kitchen. We know a lot of you love to hate on bleach in the kitchen, but when used properly, the chemical can safely sanitize kitchen surfaces. (If you're worried, Clorox has a good guide on how to properly use bleach on your kitchen surfaces.)

Can you dump bleach down the sink?

Open the tap, and pour the bleach down the sink. You can dispose of small amounts of bleach in the sink as long as the bleach is diluted by the running water. If you have large amounts of bleach to dispose of, call one of these companies to help.
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