29th June 2020


Is it in your face or on your face?

If someone is “in your face,” they are being bold and aggressive, possibly also intrusive. They might even be physically too close to your face when they're talking to you, but it doesn't have to be that literal. If something is on your face, it's just literally on the surface of your face.

Besides, what's another word for in your face?

What is another word for in-your-face?

Subsequently, question is, what does face mean in slang?

As a slang term, face has many senses. It can be a shortened form of the common retort, in your face! It can also refer to oral sex, or consuming something (like food or weed) quickly. In drag culture, serving or giving face is slang for delivering a powerful, fierce look.

What does throwing it in my face mean?

throw (something) in (one's) face
1. To exploit some information or evidence as a means of accosting or upbraiding one. The boss throws that awful presentation in my face anytime I ask for more responsibilities.

What does this face mean in texting?

In the same way that a person's voice or facial expression changes when having a conversation, a smiley face is used to achieve the same result in text-based chats. These simple symbols tells people that you are smiling, laughing, upset or not very happy with the conversation that is currently taking place in text.
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