12th November 2019


Is it bad to shave your legs every day?

It's OK to shave your legs every day, but if daily shaving causes skin irritation (such as razor burn or ingrown hairs) you should shave every few days to give your skin time to heal. There is no reason you cannot shave your legs daily.

Simply so, is it better to shave with or against the grain?

When you shave against the grain, the blade of the razor tugs at the hair, pulling it away from the skin before slicing through. Some men think that this is beneficial, because the hair is cut closer to the skin, but the truth is that shaving against the grain can be a damaging way of getting a close shave.

What is the correct way to shave your legs?

The professionals add, "You should always shave your legs either with hair growth or against, but shaving against hair growth will achieve a closer shave. A way to know if you are shaving against the hair growth is by starting at the bottom of your leg near the ankles and gliding the razor upwards to your knee."

Which direction should you shave?

Shaving against the direction of hair growth is the primary cause of razor burn, redness and rashes so it's key to shave in the direction of your hairs' growth. Generally speaking this is down on the cheeks / chin and upwards on the neck.
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