2nd October 2019


Is it a homerun if the ball hits the yellow line?

If a park has a yellow line running along the top of the fence, as Coors Field does, the ball must clear the yellow line. If the ball hits any part of the yellow strip and goes over the fence, it is ruled a home run.

In respect to this, what is the ground rule in baseball?

In baseball, ground rules are special rules particular to each baseball park (grounds) in which the game is played. Unlike the well-defined playing field of most other sports, the playing area of a baseball field extends to an outfield fence in fair territory and the stadium seating in foul territory.

What is a ground rule triple in baseball?

"ground rule triple" or really three base award (self.baseball) submitted 4 years ago by Colorado Rockiesdenverkarl. If a defensive player throws his glove to stop a batted ball, the batter and all runners are entitled to 3 bases.
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