25th November 2019


Is instant coffee good for plants?

To perk-up droopy or dying house plants, mix one packet instant coffee with a few tablespoons of tap water—or sprinkle the grounds directly on the soil and water as usual. The nutrients and minerals will be an instant pick-me-up for the leaves of the plant.

Regarding this, which plants like coffee?

For instance, you can sprinkle fresh coffee grounds around acid-loving plants like azaleas, hydrangeas, blueberries, and lilies. Many vegetables like slightly acidic soil, but tomatoes typically don't respond well to the addition of coffee grounds.

Can coffee help other plants grow?

The results of the experiment were, mung beans grew faster in soil with caffeine. The hypothesis that mung beans watered using a coffee mixture will grow the fastest has been proven to be true. However, coffee also contains other ingredients like potassium and phosphorous, which are known to enhance plant growth.
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