3rd December 2019


Is Hickory flooring durable?

Maple flooring is available in both hard and soft varieties. Hard maple and sugar maple are durable because they rate high in hardness on the Janka hardness test. However, hickory rates higher than both oak and maple. Oak is fairly hard, but it is more susceptible to dings and scratches than the other two.

In this way, is hickory wood harder than oak?

Hardness: Every species of wood has a rating on the Janka Hardness Scale, which measures the ability of a wood species to resist denting and wear. White Pine is among the softest. Brazilian ebony is among the hardest. Hickory is somewhere in the middle, but harder than both white and red oak.

Is oak wood harder than maple?

Maple is harder than oak. But hardness doesn't always translate into durability. Harder woods can be susceptible to decay, while softer wood resists it. Where you use the hardwood is more important than its density and hardness.
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