2nd October 2019


Is Hemophilia A curable?

Currently, there is no cure for hemophilia. But scientists are always trying to find a cure. They believe the answer lies in gene therapy. The chemical "directions" for blood clotting are found on a certain gene in each cell of the body.

Likewise, can hemophilia cause death?

Hemophilia can result in: Bleeding within joints that can lead to chronic joint disease and pain. Bleeding in the head and sometimes in the brain which can cause long term problems, such as seizures and paralysis. Death can occur if the bleeding cannot be stopped or if it occurs in a vital organ such as the brain.

Is Hemophilia a fatal disease?

Without proper treatment, hemophilia is crippling and often fatal. With modern treatment, most people with hemophilia can lead full, active lives. Hemophilia is classified as severe, moderate or mild.

Is Hemophilia A life threatening?

People with hemophilia bleed easily, and the blood takes a longer time to clot. People with hemophilia can experience spontaneous or internal bleeding and often have painful, swollen joints due to bleeding into the joints. This rare but serious condition can have life-threatening complications.
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